Roger Dean is my favorite artist – his paintings inspires me to create animations based on them. This is my vision of Dean’s amazing and beautiful worlds. You can discover original artworks at official site or look at his facebook page.

Please be aware that to see animations your browser should support WebGL, maybe you will need to enable it in browser’s settings. Also please note, that animations are a little bit heavy staff (about 23Mb), so it will take some time to load it – may be 15-20 seconds depending on your channel. WebGL is a relatively new technology and if for some reason you will get an error, please try to clean-up a cache of your browser.

All animations are interactive, so you can try to click on or move objects by mouse to see how they will react on your actions, press Esc key at any time to return to album cover.

Besides the album of animations you can look at the kitchen where all this wolds was constructed or visit the gallery of Dean-like images, that was produced from photos with a power of my special “Water Contour” filter.


Album of interactive animations based on Roger Dean’s artworks. May take some time to load (23Mb), press ‘Esc’ to get back from animation to album’s cover.

Behind the Scenes

Illustrated description of animations techniques and methods.


Gallery of images created from photos with my special “Dean-like” filter.